KAV Flies Gingerbread Houses – Seen On Good Morning America


This past Saturday ABC’s Good Morning America ran a segment highlighting the 23rd annual National Gingerbread House competition which is held each year at the Omni Grove Park Inn Hotel in Asheville.  Bhargavi Varma of Luxstory Media was covering the event to provide media for television and produce spots for internet clients. She wanted to get a typical jib shot to provide a overhead view of all the entries being judged. Without the time or budget required to hire a jib/operator she knew she could get the shot she wanted quickly by using a drone. Bhargavi contacted Heath Cowart of Digital Media Productions asking if they had or knew of a drone operator with the skill (and the insurance) necessary to fly inside the the hotel’s ballroom over what amounts to works of art. Being one of our clients, Heath knew of Tommy’s abilities and experience as a UAV pilot and said “call the guys at Kestrel Aerial Video”.  Click here to see the GMA segment. 

Full Steam Ahead – CFR Part 107 Begins Today

Tommy flying the DJI Phantom 4 using the Avegant Glyph for FPV

Tommy flying the DJI Phantom 4 using the Avegant Glyph for FPV

As some of you already know the rules pertaining to the use of sUAS (small unmanned aerial systems) for commercial purposes has been a challenge for any of us who have chosen to be part of this new and exciting industry. As of today 29 August, 2016 FAA CFR Part 107, rules regulating sUAS use for commercial purposes are official and in effect. This is a most welcome and long sought after day by the sUAS industry, opening the door for companies like ours who provide a service that until recent technological advances in GPS flight control and camera systems were not available. We are very excited the future for our business and we look forward to providing the best in aerial imagery for Western North Carolina.

Support CurePSP / Pilot Certification Fund

gofundme_proj_picAs we announced in early October, the need to put a hold on business operations due to the Congress mandated September deadline for commercial operations of UAS regulations not being met by the FAA.  Another issue that is near and dear to us is providing awareness of Progressive Supranuclear Palsy or PSP which claimed my mother’s life on November 6th. We encourage you to click this GoFundMe link to help offset our cost for Tommy’s flight school, but more importantly to learn more about our story and help CurePSP find a treatment and eventually a cure.

New videos

Hi all!

We just updated our company project video on the home page and added several new videos to the Video Gallery. Jonathan has done a terrific job!  He is the real talent behind Kestrel Aerial Video.  Though he will deny it and give me too much credit.  I am so very proud of him and his work, and even more proud to be his partner. It’s been a fantastic whirlwind the past seven months since we started our business. At times it was a tornado. Neither Jonathan or I ever thought of starting a small business until we met and I got laid off from J.P. Morgan Chase a year ago. There were times it seemed we had bit off more than we could chew. It’s been the most exhilarating roller coaster ride I’ve ever had.

I’ve been fortunate for the opportunities to feed my adrenaline and dopamine habit, having participated in two dozen or so extreme sport events and completing sixteen 100 mile races (Hardrock and Leadville, almost a dozen Nissan Xterra off-road sprint triathlons, six winter quadrathlons, and a dozen or so marathons training for, and ending with, running a Boston marathon in 2006.  I ride a 07 GXSR 600 sportbike that I’ve rode on track days at several tracks for about a year before we left Houston. Let me share; screaming around the Texas World Speeday hitting 150 mph on the banked front straight on a bike is a quintessential adrenaline rush. Getting Kestrel Aerial Video off the ground and learning how to fly her has been a similar rush. I’m so lucky to be alive and living and working with Jonathan.  So please watch the intro, check out our Video Gallery, and look through our aerial eyes as we fly over the world near Asheville North Carolina and get to know Jonathan and I on our Aerial journey.

TnJ and our toys

The mini, the GSXR and us.


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