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  • bio-tommyTommy Garrison

    My interest in aerial photography began with daydreams of flying, where my imagination was the camera. Maps have always intrigued me and in the mid eighties a new technology called Geographic Information Systems (GIS, think Google Maps) became a passion. At the University of New Mexico earning a B.S. in Biology, I wrote a simple spatial mapping application to study the distribution and behavior of convective thunderstorms in the southwest by plotting the coordinates of lightning strikes. That led to learning the software of the leading GIS company ESRI and into the field of GIS. I spent the next twelve or so years as a GIS professional for the UNM Biology Dept, the Navajo Nation and over ten years with the Environmental Restoration Project at Los Alamos National Laboratory. The majority of work envolved aerial photography. For the next twelve years I was a programmer, first with a small private investment firm called Prediction Company, then with UBS and finally, JPMorgan Chase. During this time I learned to pilot remote control airplanes and helicopters and took a lot more interest in photography and videography from the perspective of a Linux user. I've always enjoyed seeing something from a different perspective and the idea of capturing what it looks like from a bird's perspective was a seed that I didn't think would germinate and grow so quickly. I also didn't imagine I could actually make a living doing something that excited me and made work fun...

    After meeting my partner Jonathan Clinton in early 2014, we both felt that need to start fresh and recreate ourselves. We wanted to work together and decided to start our own small business. We moved to Asheville to be closer to Jonathan's parents and to open Kestrel Aerial Video. We wake up every morning excited by the opportunities of the day and believe people helping people is a more appropriate paradigm in which to gain the resources necessary to live in this world. We feel that our behavior reflects our values and hope that by being open, honest and sincere in who we are and accepting of who you are we can trade resources and help each other out and make tomorrow as good or better than today. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your needs and how we might provide them, and maybe become friends.

  • bio-jonathanJonathan Clinton

    I have been in video production in one capacity or another since 1993 when I joined Amoco Corporation in Houston Texas. There I worked with a Geo­science group developing in­house training programs using the new technology of digital non­linear editing, and had the great fortune of videotaping some of the most beautiful and fascinating parts of the world. My chance to explore the world continued in 1995 when I joined the Video Communications department of Continental Airlines. As part of a three man team I learned the details of many aspects of video production. From training videos to high level employee communication projects for senior executives and from camera operation, lighting design and how to convey the message through editing. I had wonderful opportunities, including the chance to shoot some of the worlds most exciting cities and locations as well as high profile people which include Fortune 500 executives, sports stars and government officials, including 2 US Presidents.

    I had the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the best video professionals in the Houston area. This led to a freelance gig in 2001 working as an IMAG system technician and camera operator at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion shooting stage performances of some of the biggest names in music entertainment. In 2002 I began working as video editor for TxTV creating medical programs for Hermann­ Memorial Hospital, Houston's PBS and CBS affiliates. In 2007 I left Continental to focus on my work with TxTV and CWMP.

    After meeting my partner Tommy Garrison in early 2014, we both felt the need to start fresh and recreate ourselves. Wanting to work together we decided to start our own business. After spending a couple weeks in Asheville that summer we knew this was where we wanted to be. In November we moved to Candler and opened Kestrel Aerial Video.

    Honesty, sincerity, an treating all others with dignity and respect are values we hold in high regard both personally and professionally. Those values will be paramount with all clients we have the privilege to work with. We encourage you to contact us and discuss how your business can benefit from imagery that only high quality aerial video can provide.

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